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9 Ways Social Media Strategy Helps Business Growth

9 Ways Social Media Strategy Helps Business Growth


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Social media should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy, as it is essential for reaching customers, gaining valuable insights, and building your brand.

A social media presence and strategy is no longer optional for any business, big or small, if it wants to thrive in today’s digital environment.

Full 80% of business leaders say social media is an absolute necessity for their business, and 91% of executives say they plan to increase their social media marketing budgets.

Now let’s see why social media is so powerful.

1. It increases online presence

If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media can increase online presence due to its incredible reach: an estimate 4.55 billion people—57.9% of the world’s population—use social media.

This provides you with a massive audience to market anything to anyone. Such an audience can help your brand awareness skyrocket. Social media platforms such as Instagram report that 60% of users find new products on its platform. Additionally, 33% of online customers say social media is their main way to find new products to buy, according to a study by growth gurus.

2. It reinforces authenticity

Having a great online presence not only increases brand awareness, but also the authenticity of a brand.

Authenticity is an essential element for conversion: a full 63% of online customers are more likely to buy from a brand with an informative social media presence, according to Growth Gurus.

Look for ways to display your knowledge as a thought leader in your industry by filling your company’s social media with valuable material. It indicates that your business can add value to people’s lives and it will help you build trust among potential customers.

3. It improves SEO

After analyzing 23 million social media posts, CognitiveSEO found strong evidence of a link between organic search engine rankings and social media engagement. Shares, likes, and comments are signals that Google and many other search engines use to gauge search engine rankings.

Indeed, increased social media engagement can lead to your brand being mentioned multiple times, or an increase in direct website visits, which is the Most important decisive for SEO, according to an analysis conducted by Semrush.

4. It humanizes your business

Humanize your business is an important benefit of social media. This means your business is more likely to make a real human connection.

Introducing your subscribers to the people who make up your organization and demonstrating how customers use and benefit from your products increases conversions. It also contributes to authenticity, and authenticity fosters trust. In turn, trust increases marketing responsiveness and further promotes your product. Social networks are the perfect place to be authentic!

You can humanize your brand by demonstrating how you embrace your brand values, how your product works in real life, and how you put the interests of your employees and customers first. These are also great ways to increase conversions.

5. It creates a channel for customer support

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Social media platforms have succeeded in bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. Many people now use Facebook or Twitter to solve problems or search for information rather than phoning a customer support number.

Build your reputation as a caring brand by providing support via social media and developing a system to track customer thoughts, questions and reviews on social media. Do all you can to be positive and helpful; your listening to reviews makes customers feel heard.

78% of customers are willing to buy from a business after a positive social media experience according to Sprout Social.

6. It creates opportunities to partner with people

Collaborating with influencers, i.e. people who have a large following on social networks and who can attract the attention of this audience to your brand, is an effective approach to foster word-of-mouth social.

You can also network and partnership with other companies in your industry. You can appear on someone’s podcast, be featured in a company blog post, or use brand partnerships to create cross-promotional giveaways.

Collaborating with other brands and influencers on social media can open doors for business growth.

7. It tells you about your audience

Social media generates a massive amount of real-time data about your customers, including their demographics, interests, buying habits and more. You can use this data to make better business decisions.

All of the major social media platforms include metrics that show demographics about who interacts with your business. This can help you better modify your social media marketing plan to communicate directly with your target demographic.

8. It helps you keep tabs on the competition

It is crucial to be aware of what others are saying about your competitors. Tracking competitor mentions, for example, can lead to uncovering issues with their products or services that you can contact to resolve, resulting in new buyers.

In addition, when your competitors introduce new items, launch discounts or publish new reports or statistics, you will be informed and you can adapt your strategy accordingly.

9. It provides an advertising platform

Social media advertising can be a cost-effective way to promote your product or service and share content. Many social media platforms also provide advanced targeting tools, allowing you to market to your target audience while maximizing your reach.

You can create personalized messages that appeal to diverse groups of potential buyers using ad targeting (choices such as demographics, region, language, and even online behaviors) and only pay for the viewers you want to reach.

* * *

Using social media in the digital age is no longer optional; it is a necessity.

If entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers take full advantage of social media, it can be very beneficial for their business.

If your business isn’t using social media, you need to plan your strategy as soon as possible or risk falling behind.

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