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A Very Peri touch to your interior design | fashion trends

A Very Peri touch to your interior design |  fashion trends

A beautiful blend of primary reds and blues, Very Peri has taken center stage as the Pantone color of 2022. Its allure goes beyond fashion as it is also a lovely hue for decoration.

“The color fusion statement is associated with an overdose of excitement and a touch of whimsy,” says Punam Kalra, creative director of I’m the Center for Applied Arts. For color admirers, it is certainly an intriguing treat. “Coming from the blue family, it has warm purple overtones that make the perfect mishmash of a periwinkle blue and light purple,” says Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture. Here’s how you can introduce this versatile hue into your home.

– In common areas like the living room and dining room, color can emphasize the versatility of the space with statement furnishings like voluptuous solids like sofas, ottomans, quirky light fixtures, and matching fabrics and upholstery superimposed on custom furniture frames.

– Flooring, rugs, blankets and flower boxes are ideal examples of how you can sprinkle this tone throughout your home.

– Understand the highlights of your interiors to perfectly adorn the alluring florals of the Very Peri shade. Lavender sticks, alliums, bluebells – all in the same core of Very Peri can help enhance the appearance of a space. Add flowers to make a space fresh and attractive.

– Use this color on velvets and silks to give it a touch of luxury. The sheen of these fabrics will go very well with Very Peri.

– Very Peri padding will do wonders for a space. The ombre can be paired with neutral gray furniture or be a solid contrast with dark blue and deep red, or even orange.

– It can be used on an accent piece. It would be a pop of color among neutral hues and become the life of the party. It works best with whites and blues.

– Very soft walls in the background make a great base for artwork, so start decorating.

– Carpets and rugs are plush decorative objects to infuse the “Very Peri” color into your interior decoration. They enhance the comfort of your interiors and you can discover various patterns in “Very Peri” color.

– Opt for decorative wall plates or paintings to pay homage to the glamorous color of the year.

– Let your cushions do the talking. The beautiful hue would look surreal on velvet and cotton cushion covers. Go for designs that have some texture, that way the look of the color will be enhanced to a higher level.

– Regularities in furniture, decor, and other interior layers can be broken up by reimagining tea tables, console tables, cabinetry, and more meaningful furniture in fluid silhouettes, experimental craftsmanship, and bold color combinations.

– The vibrancy of color can be further heightened by complementing still bold contrasts such as fuchsia, tangerine, budgie, etc. that cut through the minutiae such as vases, centerpieces and wall art

“As an avant-garde color theme, very peri reflects the status quo of the present and the scope of the future with an energetic, fictional and intriguing character full of life,” adds Kalra. When welcomed into architecturally sound spaces, it is sure to unfold a world of never-before-seen design possibilities that may surprise us.

(Contributions by Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder, CEO, WoodenStreet and Interior Designer Paushika Gupta, Founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design)