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Best Bohemian Wall Art |  NEWS10 ABC

Which boho wall art is the best?

From gently curving lines to diffused jewel tones, the aesthetic quality of bohemian design appeals to many. Boho wall art often has a serene, free-spirited theme that introduces a sense of tranquility to your home. It gives you more flexibility than rooms created in other design styles.

the Dakota Fields Peace and Namaste by Olivia Rose ― Two-Part Print Set is an excellent choice. The hands featured in these two pieces represent expressions of peace and spiritual well-being. Shades of earthy brown and blush will complement almost any color palette.

What to Know Before Buying Bohemian Wall Art

How boho art is defined

“Miscellaneous” might be the most accurate way to sum up bohemian art in one word. Why? This style of design incorporates elements from different parts of the world, different lifestyles and different philosophies. In this way, bohemian wall art is multinational and multicultural.

However, there is more to boho style than diversity. It also evokes a free-spirited vibe that encourages you to be yourself and love who that person is. Boho art is generally soft in appearance, with rounded lines and earthy hues. The color palette often incorporates deep greens, browns and jewel tones. Metals, although subtle, are also frequently used.

Boho art takes a mix-and-match approach. Unlike other design styles, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Instead, boho decor respectfully asks you to go in the direction your heart takes you.

Where to hang bohemian art

The placement of boho wall art is important as it should always complement the decor scheme of that space. It should stay consistent with the bohemian design and the colors should not clash. For example, when it comes to the former, you should avoid mixing bohemian decor with ultra-modern design elements.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to recognize when decorations don’t go well together. Follow your instincts. If the total effect seems “off”, it probably is.

How to Hang Art Evenly

Mastering the skill of evenly hanging square or rectangular boho wall hangings is daunting for many people. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of success in this area. One is to place a laser level against the wall, in the intended place, and lightly placing small pencil marks on the outer edges. You can then align the piece with the marks as you hang it.

What to Look for in Quality Bohemian Wall Art


When it comes to rectangular and square bohemian wall art, these pieces fall into one of two categories: portrait orientation or landscape orientation. You should opt for a wall decoration with a portrait orientation if you prefer a vertical room and a wall decoration with a landscape orientation if you prefer a horizontal room.

Some wall art is produced in an oval or circular shape. Orientation is irrelevant for these parts.


When it comes to sizing bohemian wall art, the dimensions will tell you everything you want to know. Whether shopping online or in person, it is highly recommended that you measure the intended wall and compare it to the dimensions of the wall art.


The most widely available bohemian wall art is created as paintings and canvas prints. Less often, you’ll find sculptural pieces made from materials like metal, acrylic, and ceramic.

How Much You Can Expect to Spend on Bohemian Wall Art

The majority of high quality boho wall decor starts at $50 and goes up from there. However, if you look closely, you can find a small number of coins in the $30-$50 price range.

Boho Wall Art FAQs

How much bohemian wall art is enough for a room?

A. Although there are no hard and fast rules in boho design, you should never try to cram too many pieces into one space. Wall art should be able to “breathe” and should be spaced enough to display at least 50% of the bare wall.

How can you hang a wall decor without using nails?

A. Nobody wants walls full of holes in their house. Products like command strips and command hooks offer a damage-free way to hang bohemian wall art. Plus, they’re user-friendly, so you don’t have to be an interior design expert to master them.

What’s the best bohemian wall art to buy?

Top bohemian wall art

Dakota Fields Peace and Namaste by Olivia Rose ― Set of two wrapped canvas prints

What do you want to know: Depicting hands positioned in positive gestures, this pair of prints inspires the inner yogi.

What you will love: These prints, which feature henna-adorned hands and bracelets, express peace, love and well-being. One coin depicts two hands clasped in prayer, while in the other image the fingers of one hand form the symbol of peace. Starry design details look striking juxtaposed against neutral shades of blush and brown.

What you should consider: The colors of the print were a point of contention for a few buyers, who felt they were bland.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top bohemian wall art for the money

Bungalow Rose Boho Paisley Elephant I by Danhui Nai ― Unframed Graphic Art on Canvas

Bungalow Rose Boho Paisley Elephant I by Danhui Nai ― Unframed Graphic Art on Canvas

What do you want to know: The profile of an elephant decorated with a colorful paisley print adorns this graphic artwork.

What you will love: Featuring an elephant, which signifies good fortune, this wall art will enhance the ambiance of your home. A sturdy cardboard backing and warp-resistant construction give this piece long-lasting strength. A paisley print rendered in dreamy watercolor splatters covers the gentle giant. Fade-resistant archival inks preserve those vivid hues.

What you should consider: People who prefer full-face images of elephants might not appreciate the profile view.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Wade Logan Golden Swirl ― Photo Frame Print

Wade Logan Golden Swirl ― Photo Frame Print

What do you want to know: The swirl of this wall art shines through the giclee printing technique and high resolution archival paper.

What you will love: Sold with a certificate of authenticity, the quality of this piece is evident. It consists of hand-cut edges and a frame that does not warp. The giclee print is set on high resolution archival paper. A circular, closed swirl is printed in gold tone, adding a subtle sparkle to your decor.

What you should consider: At least one buyer felt the golden hue of the swirl was distorted online, signaling that the tone was different in person.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

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