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Digible creates hyper-local digital marketing solutions

Digible creates hyper-local digital marketing solutions

Despite a global pandemic, Digible has grown and prospered over the past year, hiring 28 employees and adding more than 400 customers across the country.

This is the first year that the company, founded in 2017, has made the list of best places to work. Digible employees credit the company’s authenticity, poise, passion, vision, purpose, innovation and leadership for making it a great place to work .

“We don’t deliver in all of these categories every day, but we try, and our employees recognize that,” says Reid Wicoff, general manager. “They know we prioritize their happiness above all else, which creates a great culture. It may sound simple, and in a way it is, but keeping that value as a North Star is a full-time commitment.

Digible provides hyper-local digital marketing solutions for the apartment industry.

“We are extremely fortunate that the pandemic has not had a large impact on our niche (digital marketing) within the multifamily industry,” says Wicoff. “Some clients have reduced their marketing budgets, but most apartments have maintained or increased their advertising efforts to counter the economic headwinds created by COVID.”

Ensuring employee safety

The company took aggressive steps to have all employees work remotely when the pandemic hit. “We didn’t want anyone to feel pressured to come into work or otherwise contribute to the spread of the virus,” Wicoff says.

The company has launched various virtual masterclasses, including candle making and yoga, to help employees stay connected. She also purchased company-wide fitness trackers to encourage exercise and provided access to Talkspace, an online counseling and therapy service.

Digible also launched DEX, the Digible Employee Experience program, which allows employees to pursue non-work projects or goals during company time. The business started with two hours a week in February and plans to expand to a full day every week from 2022.

Looking forward to

Wicoff describes Digible’s future as equally exhilarating and daunting to think about.

“We are a rapidly growing company with huge aspirations. Our ultimate vision is to transform multi-family marketing through emerging technologies and big data,” he says.

To achieve this, the company plans to integrate and automate the workflow and develop a Fair Housing advertising tool this year.

The pandemic has validated Digible’s strategy to create technology and marketing solutions that can adapt to any environment or circumstance, Wicoff says.

“We believe that the workplace of tomorrow is about flexibility and happiness. Our employees are more engaged and productive when they feel balance in their lives. We believe that more and more employers are discovering that burning midnight oil or chaining your workforce to old-fashioned methodologies and hierarchies leads to employee burnout and stifles innovation,” says Wicoff.

“We plan to actively explore new concepts and technologies that enable and energize our people to become the best versions of themselves.”

Why choose Colorado?

Wicoff chose to bring Digible to Colorado because it offers a large talent pool, is a thriving technology hub, and is one of the nation’s top living destinations.

“Put simply, Colorado lets employers eat their cake and have it too,” Wicoff says.

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Years Named: 1
Creation: 2017

Headquarters: Englewood

Employees: 51
Pitches: 1

Facts: Digible provides hyper-local digital marketing solutions for the apartment industry.