Advice and Tips on How to Garden

Give flowers for Valentine’s Day

Order a rose bush for my darling for Valentine's Day.  Ask a local garden center or nursery for good choices in your area, or visit an online nursery for a great selection to choose from.  Look for a plant grafted with Rosa fortuniana as the rootstock;  they are more disease resistant under Florida conditions.  Don't forget the coupon from you to plant the rose.  Rose' Margo Koster' is pictured.  This is a polyantha rose, profusely flowering on a tidy, low-growing shrub.

Is there anything better than flowers for Valentine’s Day? I do not think so. The flowers can be traditional cut flowers; I love roses, but I also love a bouquet of cut flowers from the garden or an arrangement of flowers and different colors.

A flowering shrub planted in the landscape or a container for the patio is equally impressive, as is a bouquet of fresh herbs tied with a bow. No matter what the gift is, flowers or green things growing; all are beautiful and convey the love feelings of the giver.

Valentine’s Day flower arrangements will last longer with a little home care. Keep the bouquets out of direct sunlight and every two to three days replace or refresh the vase or container with fresh, clean water containing a commercial floral preservative.