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Social Media Marketing: Cheat Sheet for Hotels

Social Media Marketing: Cheat Sheet for Hotels

Social media marketing in the hospitality industry is an effective technique for hoteliers to connect with potential visitors, increase bookings and revenue, and boost the visibility of their hotel or property.

For some time now, you have felt that the visibility of your hotel has been affected?

It can be frustrating and disappointing when you have a lot to offer but no way to convey it to your visitors.

Using social media for marketing will literally open many doors for your hotel.

This blog will tell you what social media marketing is for hotels and how to use digital platforms to benefit your hotel with social media campaigns and marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing in the Hospitality Industry?

The process of garnering publicity and exposure for a hotel or property using social media can be defined as social media marketing in the hospitality industry. Such a process can involve a wide range of activities, from posting or sharing photos and videos to paid advertising on social media.

In the hospitality industry, social media marketing is especially beneficial. That’s because platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for engaging old and potential customers with new promotional content.

These platforms also have built-in analytics tools, allowing you to track user activity and engagement. In addition, these sites frequently provide useful components for hotel advertising, such as guest reviews, ratings, and features to invite users to events.

Now you are wondering about the best sites to promote your hotel business using social media marketing?

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Hotels

Nowadays, there are several platforms available for social media advertising. The many options available to hoteliers become intense to follow. Therefore, it would be difficult to interact and contribute effectively on all major platforms simultaneously.

Therefore, you need to select your platforms wisely when it comes to organic social media marketing. In the hospitality industry, the function of social media is to attract new customers and interact with new and existing customers. Let’s take a look at two of the top social media marketing platforms for hotels.


Given its massive popularity, Facebook reigns supreme among social media platforms. As the most accessible social media site, Facebook offers several options to promote your hotel as it is the ideal platform choice for many hoteliers.

You can add a variety of additional tabs and cross-references to all other social networks and websites using Facebook. It’s also a great place to include all of your contact, facility, and amenities information.

On Facebook, you have a huge potential reach. This becomes much more apparent when you start using paid social advertising to directly target customers.

Here are seven things you can do on Facebook as part of social media marketing in the hospitality industry:

  • Create a Facebook page for your hotel brand and complete the profile with details such as a description, industry, location, contact details, etc.
  • Set your username so that anyone can recognize you.
  • Post articles about quaint local neighborhoods or eye-catching photos of your hotel’s interior and exterior decor.
  • Post short videos, stories and live videos, as well as descriptions of promotional offers, special offers and discounts.
  • Persuade your guests to include location recordings or tags in their travel photos and videos, and in return, you can offer attractive perks.
  • Offer rewards and run contests. Engage in discussions on posts that promote your hotel brand.
  • Use Facebook Ads to increase your visibility and bookings.


Instagram is the second most popular social media network, right after Facebook, and it’s best known for sharing photos and videos. There is no more popular medium for posting travel photos and videos than Instagram.

Travelers love to save perfectly shot images, write beautiful captions, and use popular hashtags to inspire other travelers to plan their trips. Therefore, your hotel brand should be part of this community.

You can engage with potential visitors and post content relevant to your hotel and destination on Instagram.

Here are four things you can do on Instagram as part of social media marketing in hospitality:

  • Create an Instagram business profile for your hotel brand and add all the necessary information required.
  • Post high-resolution, intriguing photos of your hotel’s atmosphere, activities and attractions.
  • By incorporating actual new trends, you can post travel tips, local food recommendations, outdoor photography, upcoming events, and promotional offers.
  • With Instagram Stories, you can capture and post special moments, ask questions, and share instant updates on your hotel inventory.

Now you know the two main social media sites and what you can do to promote your business. Let’s learn some of the best tips that would help you be more mindful when advertising your brand on social media.

3 tips to promote your hotel using social media marketing

With hospitality social media marketing, you can promote your hotel or property in many useful ways.

You can encourage users to like and share your hotel or property page by offering incentives in the form of discounts or coupons. You can target people based on their likes and dislikes, age, location, and many other factors to advertise your hotel in your social media marketing campaign.

To establish a successful and thorough social media marketing strategy, here are three social media marketing tips for you:

1. Consider the seasons.

When planning your marketing strategies, keep seasonality in mind. The seasonality factor can be applied to what to post based on various holiday seasons and periods of low, medium, and high activity.

Depending on the time of year and what you are striving to accomplish, your content will continue to change significantly.

In low season, you can increase bookings by offering seasonal packages or activity-focused deals on social media. During peak season, on the other hand, you can use social media to advertise your hotel, highlighting the key perks you offer. This strategy will encourage people to book earlier, so they don’t miss a thing.

2. Keep improving by applying what you’ve learned from brand management.

Take note of comments from social networking sites and improve guest experience at the hotel. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, be sure to respond to all reviews so users know your hotel cares about their opinions.

Especially if you receive positive feedback, remember to share it with your followers because no content is better social media promotion for hotels than positive feedback.

3. Influencer marketing is the new thing.

Social media influencer marketing has spawned many social media celebrities and in the same way it can boost your hotel business. Due to their large following, many travel bloggers and Instagram influencers are making money through influencer marketing.

In exchange for money or a luxury package, you can look for their services in social media advertising in your hotel. Discover influencers in your area or those who can persuade your target audience to take action and reach out to them.

Make sure you have a clear plan before inviting travel influencers to stay at your hotel. First of all, think about your budget. This will help you determine the type of influencer you can afford to hire.

Micro-influencers might be happy to barter services, but macro-influencers want big bills. Finally, decide what you want to accomplish with this carefully thought out plan after deciding on your budget.

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