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Traditional Marketing Strategies for Hotel Chains

Traditional Marketing Strategies for Hotel Chains

Having the right marketing strategy is crucial for today’s highly competitive hospitality industry. This makes it possible to attract customers in different ways, sell more rooms, increase occupancy and increase profitability. Marketing conveys your hotel brand’s USPs and lets your target audience know why you’re better than others, and it also gives them compelling reasons to book with you. This copy will help you find some of the traditional marketing strategies for your hotel chain to solidify your efforts to gain competitive advantage.

Understand the concept of traditional marketing

You must be wondering why we emphasize traditional offline marketing in today’s digital age, right? Let’s be very clear on this – even though today’s marketers talk a lot about digital or online marketing, good old offline marketing isn’t dead yet. Many organizations still see traditional methods as central to their marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing involves promoting your hotel chain’s brand via billboards, print media, bus/taxi wraps, fence signs, etc. It can be anything that catches the eye of your target audience. However, conceptualizing and running a successful traditional marketing campaign is a challenge. Generally, the process of deciding when, what medium, and the right mix gets overwhelming at times.

Here are some proven and widely practiced hotel marketing ideas –

Airport announcements

If you’re a high-end hotel chain serving leisure and business travelers, airports are the best places to promote yourself. Here we are talking about different types of marketing activities. You can use huge backlit displays, packaging and stickers, banners, benches, shelters, shuttles and many more. Keep in mind that the creations are located near the entrance, the security check area and the waiting area. You make sure that these are well-designed with top-notch content and are breathtaking. You may consider partnering with airlines to purchase advertising space in their in-flight magazine. Through such marketing activities, you meet your target audience where they are.

Municipal and local announcements

Work with local marketing agencies to achieve this successfully. Consider placing your billboards in central business districts, critical intersections, highways, outlying IT and manufacturing centers, train stations, local tourist attractions, city buses, bus shelters, taxis and even shopping malls and popular theaters. Partner with sporting events and sporting bodies to advertise your chain hotel in the stadium and other vantage points. Here too, be creative. Your content and images should describe who you are, and they should help you stand out and influence someone’s booking decisions in your favor.

Advertisements in print media

This is another area of ​​traditional marketing that still enjoys respect and pays you back when done right. Get the most widely read lifestyle magazine and spend the money on regular ads. Whether it’s one-page or two-page, be sure to promote your amenities, like your home restaurant. The same goes for the most widely circulated national and vernacular daily.

TV and radio commercials

If you are serious about upping your game in traditional marketing, then you need to consider spending on TV and radio ads. You need to work with a reputable advertising agency to get your commercial script right. Plus, find the right prime-time slot to get the most out of your efforts.

Some other activities you can do in your property –

Special events

Consider hosting a local dining experience at your hotel, for example with a theme around local cuisine. Invite leading food critics and experts working with top food and drink publishing houses, showcase what you have in this genre. You can get your share of publicity and branding when food critics/experts mention your brand as a host in their articles. Where the magazine version works well as part of your traditional marketing, the web version of the same copy brings you another set of benefits. It’s a great way to market your property. All your communications at such an event must contain this message: you are a hotel chain offering world-class services at locations X, Y and Z.

You can even do it: partner with a leading IT company to organize and host an event like a hackathon. This allows you to present yourself as the exclusive hosting partner for the event. You can even think of co-branded giveaways as handouts to all attendees. Also in this case, you get multiple benefits in terms of improved brand image.

Connect your traditional marketing to online marketing

Yes it’s possible. Think about it: your traditional offline marketing asks your target audience to come and visit your hotel, right? Now, what if you insert a QR code into your offline marketing materials? People wanting to know more about your hotel brand will scan it. And the moment they do, they land on your website. From there, a chatbot on your website can guide them through the rest of their queries. In short, it becomes easier for your target audience to contact you for more information on reservations and prices.

When it comes to traditional marketing, you need to ensure that all are effective, relevant and strategically thought out, keeping in mind the essence of your hotel chain. Use large, bright logos, high-resolution images, and promote all of your destinations and their food and culture in your presentation.

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